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"Andrew Pardini played the money-grubbing father with vocal power, fast reflexes, and genuinely comic ferocity."

- Rick Walter, ABQ Arts

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"Baritone Andrew Pardini brought compassion and virility to the role of the leader Zurga, handling the role and its vacillating emotions capably."

- Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"As Zurga Andrew Pardini has a clear and powerful voice that easily fills the hall...Mr. Pardini is splendid in his aria where he sings that, though the terrible storm has calmed, the turbulence in his heart remains."

- Steve Callahan, Broadway World

"Don Giovanni, sung by a fresh recruit, Andrew Thomas Pardini, who is endowed with a heart-stopping, high-voltage bass-baritone voice, is the charismatic evangelist who seduces women far and wide, pays for it with his life, but goes to Hell defiant, refusing to repent...After wandering in the wilderness, evangelist Giovanni, sung with rich timbre and nuanced color by bass-baritone Pardini, plunks down his worn suitcase in any small town, U.S.A. "

- Rosalind Lacy, DC Theatre Scene


"Over the last few years, the In Series has been able to hire better and better singers for productions like this one, creating an even greater value-added. At the top of the list in this production [was] bass-baritone Andrew Pardini as Don Giovanni...Mr. Pardini radiated a rough and ready wit through his commanding vocal presence..."

- Terry Ponick, Communities Digital News


"Pardini's character certainly knows how to push buttons and grab an audience's attention...What Pardini does have, is an incredible booming voice. He also grows on you... slowly (but surely) becoming more powerful as the play progresses."

- Peter Freeman, DC Outlook


"The action swirls around Don Giovanni (Andrew Pardini). He has the range to play this charming villain and the charisma and vocal chops to pull of the preacher who draws everyone into his web. He starts the opera strong with “Canzonetta: The Bible Says” and his “Wonderful ladies, vino is flowing” is tricky and fun for both him and the six-person orchestra under the baton of Stanley Thurston."

- Jessica Vaughan, DC Metro Theater Arts

"As the sibling gondoliers who end up with wives and a possible kingdom, Logan Rucker (Marco) and Andrew Thomas Pardini (Giuseppe) do robust work." 

- Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

"Andrew Pardini as Figaro was extremely charismatic and a boundless ball of energy. He provided some of the best moments of the evening as he schemed and charmed his way out of every new conflict occurring in the story and had the audience on his side from the first moments of the opera."

- Johnna Leary, BWW Opera World

"Andrew Pardini (Schaunard) fills the larger than life shoes of his character well and supports it with a vibrant baritone."

- Jessica Vaughan, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Andrew Pardini as Tamino’s clumsy sidekick Papageno provides some much-needed comic relief through his skilled acting and singing. For example, in one of Pardini’s arias, he is playing his magic glockenspiel and starts “strumming” the glockenspiel as if he were Elvis, complete with ending pose and all. The audience loved it."

- Tiffany Draut, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Of course, Andrew Pardini stole the show as Papageno — Schikaneder knew what he was doing. But not by flouncing around, rather by making a complete character — someone you felt you knew by the end of the opera."

- Keith Kibler, The Berkshire Review for the Arts


"Andrew Pardini’s Papageno is a delight with his wonderful costume, comic antics and fine singing voice."

- Alex Brooks, The Eastwick Press


"Andrew Pardini as the bird-man Papageno is a charmer himself, funny and sweet, frightened and self-effacing, the classic weak sidekick."

- Cathy Dede, Glens Falls Chronicle


"[Pardini's] arias were strongly projected with solid phrasing and richly finished tones. Pardini did just enough in his feather costume to not be predictable or tire the capacity crowd with his antics."

- Geraldine Freedman, The Daily Gazette


"Of course the Prince has a comic side-kick, Papageno (Andrew Pardini), who is lazy and greedy and lusts for a “little wife,” who he is eventually granted in the form of Papagena (C. Paige Porter)...Pardini is a delightful and rougish [sic] Papageno..."

- Gail Burns, Berkshire On Stage

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